A celebration of 10 years of Film G

6pm – A celebration of 10 years of Film G

A celebration of 10 years of The Gaelic Short Film Competition – some of the very best entries to the FilmG Open Category over the years.

A’ comharrachadh 10 bliadhna de Fharpais nam Filmichean Gàidhlig – sùil air cuid de na filmichean as Fheàrr a fhuair sinn ann an Roinn nan Inbheach thar nam bliadhnaichean.

Drama / Comedy Films – A selection of films, from tearjerkers to feel-good music videos, made by industry professionals, students and community groups.

Siùbhlachan |Uisdean Murray | 2009 – A young Uist-girl Seonag, travels back in time to find her recently deceased grandfather.

Manadh | Dòmhnall Eòghainn MacKinnon |2013 – Music video exploring a young man’s relationship with the island of his upbringing, which he was once so keen to leave.

Coileach-peucaig | Will Murray | 2014 – Recently widowed Ruairidh is becoming a dab hand at these support groups, or so he thinks.

Gàidhlig mo Rùn | Fiona McAndrew |2014 – Puppet-animation set in the Uists which explores the landscape and our connection to it.

Siuthad a Sheònaid | Dannsairean an Eilein  Sgitheanaich |2015 – This music video sees Seònaid reach the end of her tether with her bossy husband and her seven sons!

Cuideigin Ciallach | Kirsty Scott & Inverness Gaelic School | 2016 – Comedy based in Inverness Gaelic School, where the teachers and pupils have all gone mad!

Cliùilean | Calum MacLean | 2016 –  A mobile short looking at the rivalry between filmmaker Calum and one of his best pals!

Documentaries – Films covering stories from the traditional Gaelic heartlands, to as far afield as Lebanon.

Mo Charaid, Mo Ghaisgeach | Rachel Hendry | 2010 – Fly on the wall documentary by ECA student Rachel Hendry following two Colonsay ladies.

Oidhche Shàmhach |Elly Welch | 2010 – Moving short exploring the special bond between two siblings on the Isle of Harris.

Dhèanainn Sùgradh ris an Nighean Duibh | Fergus Walker |2012 – A look at the unique history of the Grimsay boat-builders, featuring an interview with the late Lachie Morrison.

Dè an Còrr a dh’ Iarras Mise? | Rachel Stridgeon | 2012 – Margaret MacLean looks back on her life in this lovely short produced by students at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.

An Sgoil Bheag mu Dheireadh | Dòmhnall Eòghainn MacKinnon | 2014 –  In 2013, a small school was about to close. Six children would be left along with a void in the community’s heart.

Sgeulachd a’ Bhana Bhlasta | Iseabail Strachan | 2016 – A tale of young Breakish entrepreneurs trying to restore a sense of community in their local area.

Taobh Eile Duilghe | Kerr Gibb | 2017 – A moving insight into the lives of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon and the work of Italian Charity, Operazione Colomba.