Friday @ The Kelburn Garden Party

The Singing Street

6.30pm – Wee Linties Travelling Archive presents The Singing Street 

The Singing Street is a wonderful slice of Scottish life. This 1951 film is a collection of children’s songs and street games, recorded on the streets of Edinburgh. After the screening, Wee Linties are inviting you out to play! We’ll be learning some of the songs and games featured in the film and having a wee go at making up our own. If you have songs and games from your own streets to share, we would love to hear them and add them to a special archive of our own!

Workshop suitable for all ages.

05.RamSitaGods IMG

8pm – Sita Sings the Blues | Nina Paley | 2008 | USA   

Sita Sings the Blues is a wonderful animated film written, directed, produced and animated by American artist Nina Paley. Episodes from the story of Ramayana and scenes from the artist’s own life are animated and set to songs performed by 1920s jazz singer Annette Hanshaw. Sita, and this re-interpreted myth of Ramayana  are brought to life using the strikingly modern technique of vector graphic animation as the ancient mythological and modern biographical plots intertwine inviting new interpretations and understandings.

Film critic Roger Ebert was “enchanted” and “swept away” by this film and called it one of the year’s best films in 2009.

10pm – University of the West of Scotland – Filmmaking Showcase

From rapping boxers to murderous spouses, come see a sizzling showcase of short documentaries and dramas created by talented 2nd and 3rd year BA Filmmaking & Screenwriting students at UWS Creative Media Academy.

Who’s new MA in Filmmaking delivered from Film City Glasgow is currently open for applications. 

Firaq|Kalliopi Zifou – A Syrian couple during their final moments together as they cannot both afford to seek for refuge.

Directions | Sharon Rennie  – A married couple go for a pleasant drive in the countryside in an attempt to rekindle their relationship but they get lost on the way and an argument ensues.

Break| Lewis Paterson  – A young homeless man looking for some shelter in a pool hall is coerced into playing pool with a man he has just stolen from.

Poet with Punch| Zdenek Ruzicka – Poet With Punch is a short documentary starring Matt Windle, poet by day and boxer by night. Accompanied with a breathtaking poem by Matt himself, we are invited into a personal journey of an artist and a fighter told in an unyielding momentum.

Kendoka | Jack Jeffrey  – A short documentary about the life-changing power of Kendo.


Oor Wally

Midnight  – Cinemor77 Documentary Shorts

The Frying Game | Martin Lennon | Scotland |10 mins – The Frying Game takes a light hearted look at one of the symbols of modern Scotland, the Deep Fried Mars Bar. Allegedly it can give you an instant heart attack if you eat one, however where does this humble and quirky snack have its origins?

The Repairman | Bashrat Khan | Scotland | 6 mins – Bill Bailey runs one of the last remaining repair shops in the East End of Glasgow. Filmed over one day in his shop, Bill is a natural story teller who dreams of being in Taggart. This is the story of a community, the referendum and the disappearing art of repairing

Oor Wally |Martin Lennon | Scotland | 12 mins – Oor Wally (The Warrior) is a lighthearted documentary that follows Scotland’s most unique mascot Wally the Warrior across an eventful football season. Wally also happens to be Eleanor, a mother of eight and and granny of seven.

Dear Peter | Scott Willis | Scotland | 25 mins – After discovering a large collection of handwritten postcards in a secondhand shop, filmmaker Scott Willis begins a journey to track down their owner. But with the collection spanning over seventy years, a reunion seems unlikely. Who was Peter? How did his life end? And what happens to us when our time is up?

Eathie| Mike Webster | Scotland | 9 mins – Short documentary about adventure and wildlife photographer James Roddie and his descent of the obscure Eathie Gorge on the Black Isle in Scotland. This is potentially the first time this had been done, though information is hard to find.

My Private Life II | Jill Daniels | UK | 25 mins – In My Private Life II split screens create a powerful metaphor of the uneasy relationship between parents and daughter. Poetic enactments, home movies, voice-overs and observation of her parents daily lives give evocative glimpses into a family history defined by Daniels’ father’s undisclosed sexuality.

Submerged | Ernie Larsen & Sherry Millner | USA | 5 mins – An experimental doc, which proposes that the Mediterranean has become a permanent detention center for the migrants who never make it across the sea, as it superimposes onto  the ceaseless movement of the sea at the shoreline, segments of a list of migrants who have drowned or who lost their lives on shore, under police control or in dire conditions of neglect while caught under detention

Transit Zone | Frederik Subei | Scotland | 32 mins – Transit Zone is an authentic insight into the life of a refugee in the jungle of Calais. We enter the perspective of ‘Teefa’ who has fled the regime in Sudan. His dream is to make it one day onto one of the lorries leading to the UK – and hopefully a better life.