Saturday @ ButeFest


12noon – Song of the Sea (PG) – Ben, and his little sister Saoirse, embark on fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic to their home by the sea.


3pm – National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive presents: Fun Films Fae Scotland (U) – Join us for a unique sneak peak at old films from the archive for all the family and discover the quirky side of your film heritage.


6pm – Cinemor 77 – Family Friendly Shorts  (PG) – A selection of Cinemor77’s favourite shorts for wee ones


8pm – Where You’re Meant To Be (15) – a funny wee film about music and death


11pm – Glasgow Short Film Festival – Imagined Worlds (15) – a selection of short films exploring dreamscapes, no man’s lands and alternate realities.


Midnight – Cinemor77 Psychedelic Shorts (15) – a selection of the very best psychedelic, experimental and just plain weird films from our call for submissions.