SQIFF at Jupiter Rising Part 2: Ascendings

Accepdance (6m) – Dir: Mayte Richter, Country: Germany, Year: 2018

“All human beings are born free and equal …” Van Essa Da Silva, a Brazilian Drag Queen, reminds us of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, made 70 years ago. Her Accep-Dance is a call to keep on fighting for equal rights. For everyone. Everywhere.

Content note: None.

The Unlimited House of Krip (28m) – Dir: Garry Robson & Jane Farley, Country: UK, Year: 2018

Exploring the fusion of D/deaf and disabled performers with the extravagant world of vogue culture. Fittings Multimedia Arts formed a “House” of Deaf performers to walk in the Legendary House of Suarez Vogue Ball and the process – from auditions to performance – was recorded as a celebration of diversity.

Content note: None.

Black is me (4m) – Dir: Elliot Blue, Country: Germany, Year: 2017

A solo dance by Berlin-based artist Indigo Rain in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Content note: None.

The Race (4m) Dir: Soyoon Kim, Country: South Korea, Year: 2015

Tiny, genderless figurines dance to J S Bach as their environment gives way and glitches out. Content note: None.

8mm Lesbian Love Film (4m)- Dir: Georgina Corzine, Country: USA, Year: 1992

A celebration of lesbian desire and identity in the form of a pop promo. With a tune so catchy you’ll be singing it all day!

Content note: Depiction of nudity.

The Dance (8m) – Dir: Jim Hubbard, Country: USA, Year: 1992

An intimate portrait of songwriters, performance artists and lovers Dan Martin and Michael Biello, The Dance explores the interconnectedness of their domestic life, art work and selfless devotion to a community of artists they have helped to create and support. The film uses hand-processed footage to convey the emotional intensity of their lives. The handmade quality of the film imparts a sense of poignancy and brotherly loving in the era of AIDS.

Content note: Depiction of nudity and sex.

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