Sunday @Mhor


12 noon – Film G Young People’s Programme 

A selection of some of the best films made through the FilmG High Schools Workshops Programme and by independent young filmmakers and youth groups.

Filmichean sgoinneil a rinn sgoilearan Àrd-sgoile airson a’ cho-fharpais thar nam bliadhnaichean.

Dòchas | Hope |Greenfaulds High School – Pupils from Greenfaulds High School discuss their hopes and dreams for the future. From musical success to marrying celebs, they have high hopes!

“Ailean Dubh às Lòchaidh” | Dingwall High School – A modern take on a classic Gaelic love-song, about well-known rogue, Dark Allan of Lochy.

An t-Sireadh | The Search Ross McKenzie, 14 – A tense thriller follows Detective Ace Briggs as he sets out to find a missing man and gets more than he bargained for on his travels.

Droch Shìde | Bad Weather | Fèis na Hearadh – A comedy film looking at who is to blame for the most awful summer Harris has seen in decades!

Falach-Fead | Hide and Seek | Ruaraidh Alexander, 11 –  Stop-motion animation about Seumas and Dolly’s hide-and-seek adventures.

1pm – Geordie | Frank Launder | 1955 | UK  

This charming and warm hearted comedy uses the Trossachs and the area surrounding Monachyle Mhor as the setting for the early years Geordie MacTaggart (Bill Travers). A slight boy who lives in the Scottish Highlands and is constantly bullied by the other boys, who call him “Wee Geordie.” He decides to embark on a bodybuilding course, and is so successful that he grows up to be an elite hammer-thrower, representing Britain at the Olympic Games in Melbourne. His girlfriend, Jean (Norah Gorsen), is put off by his vanity, but, while competing in Australia, he meets and falls for female shot-putter Helga (Doris Goddard).


3pm – SDI Shorts

Established in 2004 SDI have produced over a 100 films, screening in 60 countries worldwide, garnering international recognition as being at the cutting edge of the documentary sector. This programme features work from their flagship training Bridging the Gap.

Colonel Mustard

6pm – Cinemor 77 Music & Drama Shorts

The Getaway | 27mins | Robin Haig | Netherlands – Every summer for the last 33 years, a group of Dutch friends have been escaping their regular routine to make music for a week in France. The Getaway is a story about freedom, ideals, brotherhood, but also about aging and being forced to take a look at where you are in life.

Mustard for Seoul | 10mins |Martin Windebank |2017 – It’s July 2016, a group of Scottish musical ambassadors fly to Seoul, equipped with Glasgow patter, disco clad yellow clothes and an array of music equipment, to play the Zandari Festival and start a party.

At the Door of Sky Tent |18mins | Matt Hulse | 2017 (World Premiere) – Part road movie, part safari, artist filmmaker Matt Hulse takes you on a dream-like journey to the far west of Outer Mongolia. A remarkable score by The Kugyershin Family propels this eye-opening adventure into remote areas of great beauty, populated by wrestlers, eagle hunters, Buddhist monks and nomadic families. This striking, visceral film contains intimate scenes of lamb slaughter during Eid festival that some may find upsetting

Drama Shorts:

Something to Remember me by | Kris Cummins | Scotland | 2017 | 13mins – After a lonely man finds a locket by the pier, he soon begins to suspect something horrible wants it back..

La Ultima Cena – details (tbc)

Paradis | Neilson Black | UK | 2016 | 17mins – A French writer living in London suffers from sex addiction. To cure his illness he becomes a born again Christian and along his road to recovery save the relationship with his agent.

8pm: Dummy Jim & North Coast 500 (PG)

North Coast 500 | 20mins | 2016 – 7 women set out to break the record on the North Coast 500 route in a non- stop team time trial. 518 miles in 36 hours.

Dummy Jim | 90mins | Matt Hulse | 2012 – Dummy Jim weaves fiction, documentary, animation and archive to explore the eccentric adventures of profoundly deaf Scots long-distance cyclist James Duthie.


11pm – Cinemor Psychedelic Sunday Shorts – a selection of the very best psychedelic, experimental and just plain weird films from our call for submissions.

A Stones Throw Away | Non Films | 2016 | 3 mins – Drowning in isolation, a lonely soul finds a machine that can render artificial nostalgia for a price.

Effulgence | Alex Mackenzie | Canada | 2014 | 5 mins – An ode to childhood and nature’s passing in an urban world, contrasting refilmed vintage Vancouver tourist bureau promos with original negative Tri-X shot from the back porch and bucket processed.

Ghost Dances | Chris Bowman | Scotland |2017 – A family archive of home movies. Happy children dancing from the 1950s to the 1990s. But when you slow the film down, do you reveal a secret history or create a fiction? Do these faces foreshadow the nuanced emotions of their future lives, the people they became, at 10 frames a second- or does it impose a reading on them with the benefit of hindsight: a wisdom after the event that already knows some would live, some die too soon?

One | Siyao Li | Scotland | 2016 – an experimental documentary by Siyao Li that documents the daily life of a Chinese girl living in Glasgow.

Sulamit | Insa Langhorst | Germany | 11 mins – split into three screens, Sulamit film loops and weaves different strands together: the forest, a moth and a woman knitting and unravelling her work.

Collapsing | Ratigan | 2016 | 1 min – An exquisite corpse made with found 8mm footage.

Presentiment | Chris Bowman | Scotland | 2017 – This beautiful film attempts to examine the moment of bereavement in words: the moment before grief has time to work its way into you; that instant of mystery and strangeness when you first touch death, when nothing can be as it was, when your own life becomes a different journey.

Totem | Alex Mackenzie | Canada | 2015 | 6 mins – It’s late in the day and we’ve waited too long. Man vs nature in a battle to the finish. Black and white print stock takes on a sickly hue, disrupted and solarized using hand-applied film bleach; chemical spills rupture emulsion.

Absent Dreamer | Non Films | 2013 | 3 mins – After a cataclysmic incident, the last man on earth is trapped alone and tries to free himself by falling in love with his own mind.

Gay & Immigrant – this film turns the homo- and xenophobic gaze onto its audiences , thus helping them to understand the social pressures that some of their peers face on a daily basis. We all live in the same world but our experiences of it differ depending on sexuality, gender or place we’re from.