21/08 – Sunday-Pictyur House Programme



12 noon – Boy and the World & Shorts (PG)

Sonar | 3 mins | Renaud Hallee | 2009 – A wonderful award winning film in which music is generated by the movement of the abstract animation

Boy and the World | Ale Abreu | 2013 – An amazing, Oscar nominated, Brazilian animation that uses the power of imagery and music to portray a powerful, deep and challenging message. A cautionary tale of globalization, Boy And The World shows the issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child and teaches us, above all, the dangers of the commodification of the mind, and the soul

Future my Love

3pm: The Sunday Politics: Future My Love, shorts and discussion led by Craig Murray (PG)

Kintyre Recycling | Siyao Li | Scotland | 2016 | 10mins –  a short doc about Kintyre Recycling who provide employment to people with special/social needs and learning disabilities.

Flowers & Floorboards | Holger Mohaupt | Scotland | 2016 | 12mins –  Moments of unexpected daily routines carefully observed and sonically wrapped up in the topography of Glasgow. Community life as the ephemeral territory for this urban road movie.

Future My Love | Maja Borj | Scotland |2012 | 90mins– At the brink of losing the idealistic love of her life, filmmaker Maja Borg takes us on a poetic road trip through the financial collapse. Followed by discussion with Craig Murray.


6pm: Etxea & Shorts (PG)

Dear Dad | 10mins | Robin Haig | 2007 – Against a breathtaking background, a young women seeks understanding and closure with her father.

Hidden Gifts | 23 mins | Nick Higgins |  2004Hidden Gifts is a creative documentary that explores the mystery of art and mental illness. It tells the story of Angus MacPhee, “the quiet big man” from South Uist, who wove clothes from grass.

Young Crofters | 14 mins | Robin Haig | 2015 – The plans and dreams of a new generation from the land. They value their connections to the land; they want to work the land and make their homes there. But against them stands the market economy: unaffordable land and housing, and a lack of employment opportunities in the rural communities they love.

Shore Story | 12mins | Wallace | 2016The netsmen of the inner Solway estuary fish with hand held viking ‘haaf’ nets and ‘poke’ and ‘stake’ nets fixed to the sea bed. The fishery once supported dozens of families. Today, a dwindling band of men keep the ancient skills alive in the face of falling catches and increasing protection for wild fish.

Etxea | 52 mins | Bashrat Khan | 2014 – Etxea is a documentary about life in a rural community that explores the relationship between the residents of three houses who are brought together by a moment of crisis.

Set in the heart of the Basque Country/Spain, The film follows Phil Miller, from Scotland who is living isolated in an old house, Felica and Maria Esther are two elderly ladies who lead a humble and traditional life and a group of squatters who move into an abandoned building work together to recover a sense of community that has been lost in the small villages of rural Spain.


8pm: Where You’re Meant to Be & The Frying Game (15)

The Frying Game | 10mins | Martin Lennon | 2015The Frying Game takes a light hearted look at one of the symbols of modern Scotland, the Deep Fried Mars Bar. Allegedly it can give you an instant heart attack if you eat one, however where does this humble and quirky snack have its origins?

Where You’re Meant to Be | 76 min |  Paul Fegan | 2016 – Cult-pop raconteur Aidan Moffat sets out to explore Scotland’s past by rewriting and touring its oldest songs. But he doesn’t count on running into 79-year-old force of nature Sheila Stewart – a travelling balladeer who upturns Moffat’s folk assumptions. He believes the old songs are ripe for updating. She does not.


11pm – late : Chilled Experimental Shorts (PG) – A  selection of chilled  experimental shorts including films by Grant McPhee, Chris Bowman, Holger Mohaupt and many others.

Combustion | Renaud Hallee | 2011 | France | 4mins – A film created using fire as a musical tool

Bones of the Earth | Holger Mohaupt | 2016 | Scotland | 3 mins – The pace quickens, an assured jump, a light step and a scramble – this film is a visceral poetic experience of movement across landscape where dark rock, sea and sky collide.

Surface | Mark Jenkins | Orkney, Scotland | 10mins – A film about reflection and reincarnation shot on a GoPro in the waters of Orkney.What started out as a couple of test shots culminated in a very different viewpoint when I nearly got taken in to the turbulent waters of the North Sea, GoPro and all.

The Sermon On The Tides | Chris Bowman | Scotland | 10mins– Inland the lush Dorset countryside has rolling hills with white horses carved into their slopes for reasons unrecalled now. But to pass Weymouth and climb onto the peninsula is to enter a different country: windswept, starker, exposed to coastal fronts. Here the stone itself is carved out of the ground and carted off for building, leaving pale white scars. The road runs out at Portand Bill. The footpath runs out where the Pulpit Rock juts over the sea. Seven tides are said to meet here. Yachts and small craft are warned of hazardous approaches, uncertain drifts.

One night in April, the gift of tongues is offered to all comers as the voices of the tides contest with the voices of the fishers on the Pulpit Rock. Contest, or testify. New tongues for the old sermon offered since the time of white horses on the hills. But who is preaching to who? A short film about the spirit of place.

Eclipse | Chris Bowman | Scotland | 2015 | 11mins – In certain ancient cultures, an eclipse of the sun was perceived in metaphor as in fact as a sombre event: the moment when the sun, giver of life and light, was eaten by a demon. Part of the ritual for protection was to make as much noise as possible with wind and percussion instruments to drive the demon away. In those days, demons were real, external agents of malevolence. These days, all the demons are inside us. But perhaps the old techniques still hold true. Perhaps even from the totality of your personal eclipse, you can find a ritual potent enough to drag you back into the sun.

This film documents the solar eclipse which took place on 20th March 2015. It was filmed in a high field on the ridge above above a hill farm. The instruments played by nature over the progress of the eclipse were the wind and the cries of horses, cows and birds. These were resampled and scored into a ritual soundtrack. Whether it’s trial magic is potent enough to drive away demons, only those who have met them can judge.

Suilven | James Anderson & Niall M Walker | Scotland | 2012 | 17mins –  When you first catch sight of Suilven, normally from the small village of Elphin on your way up through Assynt to Lochinver, you can’t help feel a little unsettled. Its monolithic, shark-like structure sits looking out to sea, quite alone from the surrounding mountains, giving it a brooding sense of solitude. It’s as if nothing else in the area wanted to go near it for fear of being devoured.

Let’s Get Psychedelic | Vitascope | Scotland | 2010 | 37mins – A work by Vitascope soundtracked by Hanna’s Barber

Shadow Halation | Grant McPhee | Scotland | 2010 | 5 minsA short experimental essay exploring parallels between the physical medium of film, it’s chemical development and the erosion of sections of society. The project was shot on long expired Super8 and hand developed.”  Music by Alec Cheer.