Sunday @ Tiree Music Festival


10:30 -12:15  – Dumbo | Disney| 1942 | 65 mins  (U)

Ridiculed because of his enormous ears, a young circus elephant is assisted by a mouse to achieve his full potential.

12.45 – 13.00 – GORDON SCOTT (DEFENDERS) *Live Acoustic Performance 


13.15 – 14.15  –  Glasgow Short Film Festival – Kids Shorts (U)

Hairy MooMoo – Hadi Tabasi, Rasoul Zarrin | Iran | 2015 | 5 min
A Stone Age caveman has a bad hair day.
Alike – Rafa Cano Méndez, Daniel Martínez Lara | Spain | 2015 | 8 min
In a busy world, a father tries to teach his son the right way. But… what is the correct path?
How Shammies Tidied Up – Edmunds Jansons | Latvia | 2015 | 6 min
The Shammies’ house is so messy it isn’t possible to find anything. Mr. Cat suggests a spring-clean. The frying-pan lives in the kitchen, the toothbrushes in the bathroom, but where does The Winter live?
I Am Not A Mouse – Evgenia Golubeva | UK | 2015 | 3 min
Every time Lucy is called ‘Mouse’ by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do?
The Marathon Diary -Hanne Berkaak | Norway | 2015 | 8 min
A girl called Always Last embarks on an adventurous marathon through the ice cold and mythic landscapes of Lapland. But she soon discovers that the run is not going be a straight line between start and finish.
Zoo Story – Veronika Zacharová | Czech Republic | 2015 | 4 min
A curious girl is at the zoo with her mum. What plan will she devise when she meets a lonely gorilla and mum is busy with business calls?
Perched – Liam Harris | UK | 2016 |11 min
Hamish Fint, a crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his precariously balanced submarine, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visiting seagull rocks his world.
The Girl Who Spoke Cat – Dotty Kultys | UK, Poland | 2014 | 6 min
In a dull, organised world a curious girl longs for some colour and joy – against the wishes of her rule-obeying mother.

14.45 – 15.00 – ROBERT ROBERTSON (TIDELINES) *Live Acoustic Performance

Colonel Mustard

15.15 – 16.15  Cinemor 77 Music  Shorts (PG)

The Getaway | 27mins | Robin Haig | Netherlands – Every summer for the last 33 years, a group of Dutch friends have been escaping their regular routine to make music for a week in France. The Getaway is a story about freedom, ideals, brotherhood, but also about aging and being forced to take a look at where you are in life.

Mustard for Seoul | 10mins |Martin Windebank |2017 – It’s July 2016, a group of Scottish musical ambassadors fly to Seoul, equipped with Glasgow patter, disco clad yellow clothes and an array of music equipment, to play the Zandari Festival and start a party.

At the Door of Sky Tent |18mins | Matt Hulse | 2017 (World Premiere) – Part road movie, part safari, artist filmmaker Matt Hulse takes you on a dream-like journey to the far west of Outer Mongolia. A remarkable score by The Kugyershin Family propels this eye-opening adventure into remote areas of great beauty, populated by wrestlers, eagle hunters, Buddhist monks and nomadic families. This striking, visceral film contains intimate scenes of  lamb slaughter during Eid festival that some may find upsetting

05.RamSitaGods IMG

16:30 – 18:00– Sita Sings the Blues | Nina Paley | 2008 | USA  (U)

Sita Sings the Blues is a wonderful animated film written, directed, produced and animated by American artist Nina Paley. Episodes from the story of Ramayana and scenes from the artist’s own life are animated and set to songs performed by 1920s jazz singer Annette Hanshaw. Sita, and this re-interpreted myth of Ramayana  are brought to life using the strikingly modern technique of vector graphic animation as the ancient mythological and modern biographical plots intertwine inviting new interpretations and understandings.

Film critic Roger Ebert was “enchanted” and “swept away” by this film and called it one of the year’s best films in 2009.

18.15 – 18.30 – GENTLEMEN OF FEW *Live Acoustic Performance
18.45 – 19.45 Glasgow Short Film Festival presents Imagined Worlds  (15)
Drawn from GSFF’s 2017 international and Scottish competitions, we present a selection of films exploring dreamscapes, no man’s lands and alternate realities. Fake news! Sad.
489 Years | Hayoun Kwon | France | 2016 | 11 min
Thanks to the testimony of Kim, a former soldier in South Korea, we gain access to the DMZ. He speaks of a place where people are forbidden, a place entirely reclaimed by nature.
Record/Record | Robert Duncan | UK | 2016 | 5 min
A photographer focuses on the real and perceived in a film about the intersection of record, memory and reality.
Impossible Figures and Other Stories II | Marta Pajek | Poland | 2016 | 15 min
A woman trips and falls while rushing around the house. She gets up, only to discover that her home has unusual features – it is built from paradoxes, filled with illusions and covered with patterns.
Green Screen Gringo | Douwe Dijkstra | Netherlands, Brazil | 2016 | 16 min
Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting – and yet turbulent – Brazil. Where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, a gringo can only watch. The result is a mixtape-portrait on modern day Brazil seen through the eyes of the visitor. Winner of the Bill Douglas Award for International Short Film at GSFF17.
Kaiju Bunraku | Jillian Mayer, Lucas Leyva | USA | 2017 | 14 min
Here’s a day in the life of a husband and wife living in a world of giant monsters.
20.15 – 20.30 – SIOBHAN MILLER  *Live Acoustic Performance 
21.00 – 22.30 – Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars | 80 mins | Banker White & Zach Niles | USA |2005 (18)

The Refugee All Stars are a band of Sierra Leonean musicians who have been living as refugees in the West African nation of the Republic of Guinea. A brutal, decade long civil war (1991-2002) in Sierra Leone forced the band members from their homes. It took the lives of many of their loved ones and has left them with physical and emotional scars that may never heal. However, what the war could never take from them was their music.