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Cinemor77 is a social enterprise that brings people, of all ages, together through cinema, film, music and more. We aim to create agile, bespoke and creative cinema experiences that challenge, inspire and entertain audiences.    If you choose to work with us, we can create a unique cinema event for a special occasion and/or a bespoke programme of films reflecting your festival or event.  

Mobile & Agile Cinema: We are experienced in creating, producing and delivering high quality cinema screenings  and events to a wide variety of different places and spaces, from sports fields to beaches, community centres to shipping containers, yurts to back closes. We love working with communities, individuals, families and organisations to create really special cinema experiences.  

Yurt Cinema: Our cinema yurt offers a really special film experience. With cushions and bean bags for seats it makes a friendly and cosy space for children and adults to enjoy a special day, or take some time out from any event or festival.  

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